Digger Dog

About Digger Dog


Georgia 811 is committed to the education of children across Georgia.

Georgia 811’s mascot Digger Dog and our Education Administrator Maria Copeland are ready to hit the road visiting Georgia elementary schools (public or private) with their exciting, educational and FREE Utility Safety program. Digger and Ms. Maria’s mission is to educate Georgians, specifically younger Georgians, about safe digging. Digger and Ms. Maria are also bringing messages from two of their friends about the importance of smelling gas and acting fast, and how to be safe around overhead electrical lines.

In addition to their elementary school appearances, Digger and Ms. Maria are available for trade-shows and annual meetings. Digger and Ms. Maria are booked on a first come, first serve basis. For scheduling Digger’s Utility Safety shows, appearances or questions about the Digger Dog Utility Safety show and contents, please contact Maria Copeland at 770-757-6467 or email her by Clicking Here or click on the Visit Request Form above or click on the Teacher Resources link above.