Digger Dog

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Below are some questions to help your students prepare for Digger Dog and Ms. Maria’s visit:

1. What is the broad definition of utilities, and what are some examples of utilities?
Goods and services we use everyday.
Examples include: Electricity, Natural Gas, Water, Sewer, Telephone and Cable TV.

2. What does Natural Gas smell like?
NOTHING! Natural gas doesn’t have an odor. A substance called mercaptan is added to the gas that smells
like rotten eggs. It smells bad to let you know there is a leak.

3. What are 4 examples of things that do NOT conduct electricity?
Rubber, plastic, glass and ceramic are all examples of materials that do not conduct electricity.

4. What is a conductor of electricity?
A conductor of electricity is an object or a type of material which permits the flow of electric charges in one
or more directions.

5. What are 4 examples of things that do conduct electricity?
Metal, Wet Wood, Water and Humans

6. What do those little colored flags and paint mean?
Someone has called 811 before digging! Each color means a specific utility type:
o Red – Power
o Yellow – Gas
o Blue – Water
o Green – Sewer
o Orange – communications, telephone, cable and internet
o White – used to indicate the location where you will be digging

Check out Call811kids.com to view a 7-minute video made especially for students

What happens when someone calls 811 before digging?
This “Contact Before You Dig” process provides Georgia 811 members the opportunity to locate and identify any underground facilities they may have in an area where excavation is planned.

By contacting Georgia 811 at least two (2) business days before excavation begins on public and private property, rights of way and easements you begin an important communication process. After gathering information about where excavation will take place, Georgia 811 transmits the information to the affected member utility companies.

Once notified of the locate request these companies dispatch locate technicians to mark their underground facilities with colored paint and flags. In 2012 over 858,830 requests were processed by Georgia 811. For each locate request received an average of eight (8) member utility companies were notified that excavation would be taking place near their underground infrastructure. For over 39 years we have been providing this service. The call is free, and so if having the underground lines marked.

Georgia 811 strives to encourage four safe digging practices: 1) Call before you dig. 2) Wait the required amount of time for marking. 3) Respect the marks. 4) Dig with care.

About Georgia 811
Georgia 811 was established in 1974 as a non-profit organization comprised of over 775-member utility companies, including cities and counties throughout Georgia that benefit through reductions in lost time, accidents, service interruptions and costly repairs. We are a communication center, connecting our member utility companies with professionals and homeowners who are planning mechanized excavation activity such as tunneling, grading, boring and demolition. Also smaller projects, or those excavating with non-mechanized equipment are encouraged to call for safety’s sake.

MISSION: Georgia 811 will be an industry leader in promoting safety and preventing damage to utility facilities efficiently through high quality and economical notification service; providing education and encourage compliance with applicable rules and regulations.

Utilities Protection Center, Inc d/b/a
Georgia 811
3400 Summit Ridge Pkwy
Duluth, GA 30096

Georgia 811, keeping Georgians safe and connected. Call Before You Dig, every project, every time, dial 811 or (1-800-282-7411) from any part of the state. For more information, visit the Georgia 811 web site at www.Georgia811.com.